Comments and issues of discussion by Jesper on the text of: Varenne & McDermott: "Successful Failure. The School America Builds".


Competition in School, what is going on? Competition as an aspect of testing is a part of school life. This is related to success/failure as a complex in the American society. Varenne & McDermott claim; "students like competition" is a discourse. Adults lack in awareness of how this discourse is made.


- How become competition a model of and for behaviour? Historically and culturally?

- Do Varenne & McDermott analyse the school as an object or a subject in relation to society. Is the school "an island", a "product" of the society or an integrated part who can "answer back", "has a voice"/feedback in the reproduction of society?

- And, in relation to the individual student, is the school an object or a subject?

- What about epistemology is it changed (Bateson)?

- What about the ontological status of competitions and tests in schools?