AA and Anti-Anorectic League compared

Prepared by Signe Højen Andersen


  1. What kind of knowledge is presented in the AA-book (case 1) compared with that in the case of the anti-anoretic league (case 2)? Universal/global knowledge vs. local knowledge.


  1. There is a clear difference in the relationship between the alcoholic-alcohol (case 1), and the anoretic-anorexia (case 2) in the two cases. How does that define the premisses and activities of the respective communities?


  1. The communities such as AA and the anti-anoretic are characterized by an intimate and carrying relationship among members as opposed to the more distant traditional relationship between therapist-client. Moreover, the communities seek to externalize the given problem (alcoholism or anorexia) as oppose to being a part of the problem as in most institutionalized therapy-forms. More contrasts can be found. Are the communities merely a reaction to the institutionalized forms of therapy?